My name is Jean-Michel Jacquon and I offer Suzuki and Traditional violin lessons and viola lessons in Honolulu for children 6 years old and up, as well as for adults of any age.

This website provides information on both violin and viola lessons on Oahu.  As a full time member of the Honolulu Symphony for 18 years, and now the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, I have performed more than 2600 concerts in Hawaii and I have more than 25 years of experience teaching students of all levels.

My teaching method is based on the Suzuki method and the traditional method of the French violin school taught in music conservatories all over Europe. Each violin and viola lessons are carefully planned and applied in agreement with each student's age, expectations and level.

Please contact me with any
questions you may have about the Suzuki or the traditional violin or viola method of instruction.

 VIOLIN   and   VIOLA   LESSONS              in   Honolulu, Hawaii
JMJ  STRING  STUDIO, LLC               Since   1997
Violin and viola lessons in Honolulu,Hawaii.
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