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JMJ  STRING  STUDIO, LLC               Since   1997


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JMJ String Studio,llc was awarded "Honolulu Best School of Music Award 2018" by Honolulu Award Program.

I was also awarded 3 years in a row "Best violin teacher" from Top rated experts,, as well as from out of 87 violin teachers in Honolulu.

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" Mr.  Jean-Michel Jacquon has been instructing my son in violin for over 8 years. 
Mr. Jacquon is an accomplished violinist as being part of the Honolulu Symphony. 
I really like Mr. Jacquon's teaching style: he is patient, soft-spoken yet firm when necessary, encouraging and most of all, caring toward my son.  He took the time to know my son in the most effective manner.  I always highly recommend Mr. Jacquon to other parents with children looking for a violin teacher and receive nothing but positive feedbacks.  My son was selected as the concertmaster for the school orchestra he attends, and I believe my son was able to achieve this position due to Mr. Jacquon's caring and effective efforts.  Thank you, Mr. Jacquon!"     Joyce M.

"Mr Jacquon taught the violin to my daughter and myself for several years. His patience with my daughter made him her favorite teacher! My daughter and I really enjoyed our years studying the violin with Mr. Jacquon. His way of explaining and demonstrating the violin to us made it a pleasure to study with him. Mr. Jacquon has my highest recommendation"   J.Y


I have been taking violin lessons from Jean-Michel Jacquon for two years and I highly recommend him to anyone, whether an absolute beginner, an adult returning to the violin or parents seeking an instructor for their children. After only a year and a half of lessons, my friend requested that I play Pachelbel’s Canon at her wedding and with Jean-Michel’s help, I was able to do it. He helped me with the technical aspects of the piece, helped me put together a program of pre and post-ceremony music and gave me the encouragement I needed to perform.

Jean-Michel really emphasizes building all the skills a musician needs. I am almost 40 years old so have no ambitions to play professionally but I appreciate that Jean-Michel takes our lessons as seriously as if I might play in an orchestra one day. I am interested in all kinds of music and I have asked Jean-Michel for help with everything from Hungarian and Scottish folks tunes to Finnish polkas. No matter what I bring to him, he helps me play it better.  

I had been thinking about taking violin lessons for years before I actually started and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. It is not easy, but it is very rewarding. I find now that the best remedy for a tough day at work is to come home and practice! Although the Suzuki method is based on classical music, so far everything I’ve learned is also used in traditional fiddle tunes. It seems to me a good way to build basic skills to play all styles of music. 

Jean-Michel is an excellent teacher and will help you achieve your musical goals, whatever they may be. 

Rachel Neville, Honolulu

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