VIOLIN   and   VIOLA   LESSONS              in   Honolulu, Hawaii
JMJ  STRING  STUDIO, LLC               Since   1997


My teaching philosophy is primarily based on the Suzuki Method, but I do incorporate other methods as well, including the traditional method which is derived from the French school of violin playing taught in all music conservatories in Europe.

The Suzuki method combines a music teaching method with a philosophy, which embraces the total development of a child. To quote Dr. Suzuki himself, " Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which one can learn. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children can develop to speak their mother tongue.  The potential of every child is unlimited." (Please visit for more information.)

The Suzuki method is based on a lot of listening and playing by ear, while the traditional method stresses early note reading, scales and studies.  In my opinion, a mixture of both, Suzuki method and traditional method is the best.  It provides a positive and inclusive atmosphere for the students to develop their skills and their love of music and it provides a quality musical education in a non-judgmental environment where all students and parents are treated respectfully. Through private lessons, masterclasses, chamber music and public performances, I want to provide opportunities for students to fulfill their full potential, both musically and personally.

Raising my students personalities, self esteem and confidence by using consistent, strong positive reinforcements is an important part of my teaching. I work very hard to let their talents grow to their full potential, without forgetting to have fun and to enjoy the process of  music making.

I take special pride in helping my students reach their desired instrumental and musical goals by giving them detailed program of study.  Each program is constructed from selected pieces of technical and artistic repertoire that addresses student's individual and current challenges. Violin lessons then become motivated, well organized journey towards rewarding musical experiences.

Violin lessons are also carefully planned and applied in agreement with each student's age, expectations and level.
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